Decluttering Books & Magazines

Back in 2014 I moved around a lot forcing me to have to decide what to part with. I got rid of a lot of books which was both hard to let go and also very freeing.

Here I show you all of the books my husband and I have displayed in our apartment. My husband does have probably another 2 dozen history books in his classroom and on our closet shelf but he’s a history teacher so it’s valuable knowledge. Our bookshelf is mostly his books too, that he so kindly went through with me to decide if he really needs them all or not. I have a few novels but for the most part my books are self help books I really love and some cook books. I don’t have a big issue owning too many book so much as I do with magazines so I’ll explain my system of keeping the amount low.

Books: You may be wondering why, why get rid of books? I am for having books and information that serves you, I especially do find value in non-electronic information. But I truly believe that everything has an energy about it, even if it just means that energy and emotion comes out of you from the objects. Just like our clothes, picking up each book and feeling if it sparks joy in you is crucial. If you pick up a book and you get the feeling of obligation, that you should be keeping it because it cost a lot of money or because someone gifted it to you but that it doesn’t spark joy, then get rid of it. “But what if they all spark joy?!?” Be honest with yourself and part with the ones that you haven’t flipped through in the last couple of years. I posted a picture of my book shelf so you could get an idea of a non cluttered space with books. If you have stacks of books everywhere, there’s a problem.

Magazines: Magazines can be filled with great resources, but they’re also filled with a lot of advertisements and information that you don’t need. Since many magazines come to people through a subscription it can be one item that really can take over the space in your home. I have been collecting magazine clippings since high school. I guess you could call it my ‘Pinterest before Pinterest’. Even today I still like to have a physical copy of articles that I enjoy. I have a binder for home decor and organization, a binder for fashion and fitness, sheet music of songs I enjoy, and recipes I’ve printed out that I found on Pinterest that I use on a continual basis. The basket and side table above has all the magazines I own, plus a coloring book, a few small books, a family journal, envelopes, a laptop, and a white binder and small binder I’ll talk about in a later post. I don’t buy magazines all the time or have a subscription but I buy them if I really love most of the content. The process of buying a magazine looks something like this: I go through it a handful of times in the store throughout the month and I have to be really thinking about it a lot before I’ll purchase it. So the magazines I do have have a lot of good content in them. And I’ll eventually tear out the pages, place in the binder, and declutter my pages currently in my binders.

Final thought: I also want to say that something I have noticed in myself is the more I get rid of, the more it makes me aware of the type of consumer I am. I spend a lot of systematic time deciding what I’ll purchase now. Getting rid of your belongings gives you a sense of freedom and a reality of how much of an addiction you have to consuming goods. Being a conscious consumer directs us into a path of being goods stewards of the earth.

Please share with me either here on my blog or on my social media platforms your thoughts and experiences decluttering magazines and books, I’d love to here from you!

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