Konmari Method: Clothing (Part 1)

If you haven’t heard about the Konmari Method of decluttering your home and life you must be living under a rock. Marie Kondo, author of two best selling books, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy,” is a professional organizer in Japan. She has clients world wide and has a very long waiting list.



One thing she does differently than most professional organizers is that she doesn’t declutter by location, (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) but she goes by category. Starting with easiest items first and then doing the more difficult items last -such as sentimental items.

I’ll give you a quick intro of how she does it with clothes, since I actually did this months ago.

  1. Gather all your clothes in one pile
  2. Pick up every single item one at a time
  3. Hold each item and see if it ‘sparks joy.’ Do you love the item? Do you like wearing it or does it remind you of something negative like a person or an event. Is it the wrong size? Does it have a hole?
  4. If it sparks joy, keep it. If not thank it for when you had it. Ex. “Thank you, I really enjoyed all the times I’ve had with you but our time is over now.” “Thank you for the lesson you taught me-that I realized this color doesn’t look good on me and so I won’t buy a shirt this color again.”
  5. Folding: she recommends folding everything or just about everything and she has a special way of folding everything from socks to pants to dresses. Her method of folding maximizes space. This makes everything have no wrinkles and compact. You want to be able to have everything stand on its own and to place everything in drawers standing up. I have one example below of how to fold a shirt but if you want to see other items just look her up on youtube. There are a ton of videos of her and other people folding the konmari method.

Is it a longer process of declutter your clothes? Yes- but it starts to ignite gratitude for objects whether you’re keeping it or not. And it makes you more in tuned of what sparks you joy and what doesn’t. So from now on you’ll make more conscious purchasing choices. It could be that you realize you aren’t going to buy something just because it’s on sale, but that you’ll only buy things you love -even if that means owning less. The key to this method is having intention with everything you own.

Have you tried any of her methods? Let me know!

(Our 1 set of drawers for our family)

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