I’m Back

I’m going to attempt blogging again. I have blogged on and off since I think 2010. Then I believe back in 2013 I finally figured out my niche, what I’m truly passionate about: simplifying. Having a desire to simplify stems from feeling overwhelmed with the constant distractions and excess we have in our modern society. So I created Simplicity In All Things to blog about people I admired that were simplifying their lives and to document my own journey to do the same. 

But since 2010 I have gone through some major transitions. I now am married with two children and the whole idea of blogging really had to be put on the back burner for some time to get through all my crazy transitions.

Since my son was born this July I seriously feel like my belongings have doubled and I want to document my declutter process and share it here. Plus in the last couple of years I feel I’ve become less mindful and more in survival mode. So I’m on a personal mission to make my life more simple, more meaningful, and more enjoyable and I’d love for you to join me.


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