What I Take When I Travel: Hygiene



Hygiene Travel 1I’m going to be traveling for the next two weeks and I wanted to share with you what basic, simple essentials that I bring with me on the road. My daughter and I share one small bag. Here is what’s on my list for hygiene. Above I have lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and essential oils. I try to use very natural products. Now that I’ve been using products that don’t have synthetic smells, I can tell a huge difference with other conventional hygiene products and I’m super sensitive to them now. So it’s essential for me that I have my own products wherever I go. The lotion that I’m using right now is called Everyone Lotion, the citrus+mint scent. I also like the lavender one too. My shampoo is called Everyday Coconut Shampoo. Love this shampoo! My conditioner is from the same company as my lotion. It is Everyone Hair, the coconut scent. The body wash that I use, and is my favorite body wash, I’ve been using off and on for 3 years now, is from Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. I have used the peppermint, lavender, lemon, and the baby safe one that is unscented. The one I’m using currently is the baby unscented one, but I recommend all of them! If there’s one product that you should take with you, I would say Dr. Bronner’s castile soap because you can use it in your hair as well. FYI- castile soap is made from vegetable based items, not an animal product, like lard, etc. Then lastly, I bring my Past Tense, Breathe, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavendar, and On Guard.   
Hygiene Travel 4I used to have really bad acne, and now that I don’t, I try to embrace my clear skin by not wearing a lot of make up. I use ZUZU luxe powder foundation, a brush, mascara (that you can get from walmart), concealer (incase I get one or two zits 😉 ), and a mix of liquid and pencil eye liner. Some Alba Botanica sunscreen, and floss and my toothbrush and toothpaste. Since I got an electric toothbrush….I’ll never go back! Usually I make my own tooth powder, that you can find my recipe from my old blog, but my clay is still in my house, where my soon-to-be-former-spouse still lives.
Hygiene Travel 2I don’t know if this is considered “hygiene” but I pack this with my hygiene products. I use Q96 multi-vitamin as well as it’s B12 and D3 sprays. I definitely can tell a difference when using them. The middle one from Nature’s Way, is actually and probiotic that stays refrigerated, and lastly, I take Lutein because it’s supposed to help eye support if you are under fluorescent lights all the time or stare at a screen a lot during the day.

Alright well I hope you enjoyed seeing what products I use on a regular basis, and what I am taking with me for the next two weeks on the road. I hope it inspires some of you to try and use more natural products that help your overall health. Hope you all have a great day!


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